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I abide by ethical principles based on those used by the Association of Professional Genealogists. This means that I agree that professionalism in genealogy requires ethical conduct in all relationships with the present or potential genealogical community. I therefore agree to:

  1. Promote a coherent, truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history.
  2. Present research results and opinions in a clear, well-organized manner; fully and accurately cite references; and refrain from withholding, suppressing, or knowingly misquoting or misinterpreting sources or data.
  3. Promote the trust and security of genealogical consumers.
  4. Advertise services and credentials honestly, avoiding the use of misleading or exaggerated representations; explain without concealment or misrepresentation all fees, charges, and payment structures; abide by agreements regarding project scope, number of hours, and deadlines and reporting schedules; keep adequate, accessible records of financial and project-specific contacts with the consumer; and refrain from knowingly violating or encouraging others to violate laws and regulations concerning copyright, right to privacy, business finances, or other pertinent subjects.
  5. Support initiatives that preserve public records and access to them.
  6. Be courteous to research facility personnel and treat records with care and respect; support efforts to locate, collect, and preserve the records by compiling, cataloging, reproducing, and indexing documents; refrain from mutilating, rearranging, or removing from their proper custodians printed, original, microfilmed, or electronic records.
  7. Promote the welfare of the genealogical community.
  8. Give proper credit to those who supply information and provide assistance; refrain from (or avoid) knowingly soliciting established clients of another researcher; encourage applicable education, accreditation, and certification; and refrain from public behavior, oral remarks or written communications that defame the profession, individual genealogists, or any professional genealogy organisation or professional association.

I am registered with the ICO as a data controller under the UK Data Protection (Charges and Information) Regulations 2018, which replaced the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and includes the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a European-wide law that came into effect on 25 May 2018.

privacy policy

I promise never to release your personal details to third parties for mailing or marketing purposes, or to use your details in any way except to research your family history. If this requires me to pass on your details to a third party during the course of the research, I will notify you in advance and obtain your explicit permission to do this before proceeding. I recognise that privacy is very important to all my clients.

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. I do not use cookies on my site; however, please be aware that they may be used by other sites reached by clicking on a link or advertising logo on my site. This is done in order to track the number of users who click through to other sites from my site. For details on how sites use these cookies and what their purpose is, please consult the privacy policies found on these sites.Prices

Rev. Oct. 2021
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