Family History Research UK - areas covered

I am based in southwest London not far from the National Archives at Kew, so I am able to access a huge amount of historical material without having to travel very far. 

When it comes to older records (mainly pre-1800), these are often held in local record offices and for practical reasons I specialise in  researching families who  come from London and the Home Counties (as listed below) as it is easier for me to travel to the various record offices in these areas. That said, I am always happy to look into the ancestry of families from other areas of the UK. 

Many families did move around from place to place, and it's rare to find one where all the members of the family  stayed in the same place for generation after generation. Particularly from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, with the advent of the railways and the possibilities they offered for ordinary people to travel reasonably cheaply, huge numbers migrated to the towns and cities from the countryside.

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 map of historic counties of England and Wales

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