family history research - areas outside London and the home counties

Family History Research UKFamilies did move around the country, probably more than most people think, particularly after the advent of the railways in the 19th century which made it much easier to move around in search of work. The Industrial Revolution meant that many families whose forebears had worked on the land or as craftsmen in the same village for perhaps two or three hundred years decided to move to the town or city in search of better prospects.  

WIth the many online records now available it is much easier to access parish and other records from anywhere. However there are occasions when a visit to the local record office for the area is necessary in order to find the information needed. If this happens and I am unable to visit the required record office myself due to the distance away, I will recommend that you find another researcher in the required area to carry out this part of your research for you. This is particularly true for Scottish and Irish records which differ in many respects from those in England and Wales and for which you will almost certainly benefit from specialist advice.

england flag  

                England flag of St George  

                                                                                       welsh flag       Welsh dragon flag 

scotland flag
            Scotland saltire of St Andrew

                                                                                       irish harp flag   Traditional Irish harp flag

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