testimonials from clients


I have made contact with 1 of the 2 sons related to [X] and he has confirmed ... that in his opinion with regard his father and his relationship with women he was sure we are related. I am taking further steps to get him to do a DNA. Thank you once again I could not of finalised this without you.
July 2022

Thank you very much. It all looks great and I'm sure my aunt will be thrilled with the family tree and matching details.
December 2021

Very many thanks. I can confirm that I have paid your invoice this afternoon.via Paypal. Thank you for the information and documents - and for answering a 34 year long mystery!
May 2017

This is fascinating--many thanks! My family is very impressed with your through research and detailed reports. I'm planning on picking this back up in the spring, maybe just to see how far back you can go with this branch of the family.
December 2016

I cannot express how DELIGHTED I am to receive this news. It has taken me a long time to locate [X]’s death certificate and I never thought that I would be able to finally visit his grave. Thank you so much for your help, I will keep you in mind for any other work and will not hesitate to recommend you to others with similar requirements.
June 2013

We just wanted to thank you for the super high professional quality work you did for us.  It was much better than anything we even hoped for. It will take some time for us to go through it and make sure we use it to the full quality of the work you sent. Again, thanks very much for such an excellent and professional product.
July 2013

I've only just had time to look at your email today and am really pleased and very grateful for the careful work you have carried out.  I know I was almost there, but it is so worthwhile having a professional check, clarify and indeed add so much more information to the task.  We are happy to forgo the 'Irish' part, certainly for the time being, but may take you up on some further study into it at a later date...  For the time being I am very happy with all you've done. 
October 2013